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Class Descriptions

Back Handspring Class

Learn and perfect the back handspring with lots of drills and instruction to help kids understand and master proper      technique. (Independent back bend + kick over required)


Tucks Class

The focus of this class is tucks - running, standing and punch fronts!  Work on connecting a back tuck to a round off and/or back handspring, and learn correct setting, shaping and landing. Also a great class to work on punch fronts (front tucks) Work on learning to lift, rotate, land, and step out. (Independent round off back handspring required)


Walkover Class

Great class for beginner tumblers! Both the back and front walkovers are taught, using lots of drills to help kids understand and master these important level 1 skills. 


Layouts & Fulls

This class is for advanced tumblers who are working on level 4, 5 and 6 tumbling skills. Class focuses on teaching proper hollow layout technique, lots of drills for twisting, as well as drills and instruction for advanced twisting and tumbling skills (double fulls, Arabians, whips, and more!)


Open Tumbling

An opportunity for kids to get independent repetition and some instructional help on skills they are currently working, without the structure of a typical class. All levels of skill are welcome. 


Open Gym

Come and work independently on the skills you want! Kids are welcome to work tumbling, jumps, flexibility, stunting, dance, etc. Come or bring a stunt group. Instructors will supervise and offer assistance when needed. 


Flexibility Class

All aspects of flexibility are touched on in this class. It's a great class for flyers to attend, but anyone is welcome! Legs, shoulder, and back flexibility are so important for strong jumps, tumbling and stunting, as well as injury prevention. All athletes can benefit from this class, and all levels and abilities are encouraged to attend.


Jumps class

All cheerleaders, at all levels need to master jumps! This class teaches correct technique and works drills to help athletes improve jump height, hyper-extension, arm placement and landings. All jumps are worked, and all ability levels are encouraged to attend.


Strength & Conditioning

Build muscle and improve stamina with a great workout, designed to help athletes become stronger and more fit for their routines! Exercises use body weight and free weights, as well as partner conditioning and cardio! 


Mommy & Me

Bring your little one to run, jump and play in our facility, and meet other kids and moms! This "class" is more of a free play for toddlers and includes our long trampoline, tons of mats to climb on, a toddler appropriate bounce house, toys, and more! 

Team Training

Get your whole team in the gym!  We can help with team tumbling, game material, competition routine critique, stunts, or whatever else you need. 

You can schedule a single one hour training session for just $7/cheerleader ($10/cheerleader if we come to you).

ATTN: High School and Youth Recreation/Pop Warner Coaches: You and your team can work with one of our CNY staff once a week at our gym. Work on stunts, jumps, routine material, game material, whatever you need! Special monthly team rates for 1 hour class, once a week $28/cheerleader. After school times available, limited weeknight and weekend availability.

Kathy for availability: or (315) 866-0225.


FUNdamentals is the best way for beginner cheerleaders to learn the basics of all-star cheer. Minimal cost. Minimal time commitment. Maximum learning & FUN!

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