Our classes are open to everyone! You can drop in at anytime or purchase our Monthly Class Pass for unlimited classes for $99!

30 minute classes are $5, 45 minute classes are $15, Open gyms are $10.

There is an annual $35 registration fee and you need to fill out our registration form at your first class. CNY_clinic,class_release_form

Fall schedule


Class descriptions:

 Mommy & Me: (Starts back up 9/11/18) Tuesday mornings, 9:45am-10:45am,  Ages 6 months – 4 yrs old, just $5 or get our class punch card!

Spend time with your little one ‘tumbling’ on soft mats, bouncing on our tumble track trampoline, making your way through an obstacle course and playing with our huge parachute. Parent must participate with child.
Flyers Class: Specific skills for stunt flyers. Work on your flexibility, technique, performance, and more!
Beginner tumbling: Participants will work on drills and basic tumbling skills including: cartwheels, roundoffs, bridges, walkovers, and more.  These skills are necessary to progress to the backhandspring and then more advanced skills.

Intermediate tumbling: Participants must have an independent backhandspring. Work on progressing through roundoff BH,series & jump BH, tuck drills, roundoff BH tucks, punch fronts and ariels.

Advanced tumbling: Participants must have an independent roundoff backhandspring back tuck. Work on progressing through layout drills, RO BH layouts, full drills, RO BH fulls, punch front step outs, whips and anodis.

Backhandspring Class: Work on drills concentrating on the backhandspring. Must have an independent bridge kickover and walkover.

Open tumbling– ages 9 & up, all ability levels. Independently Work your skills using the floor and equipment. Class is supervised but not structured.

Layouts & Fulls: class focuses on drills and technique for layouts, fulls, double fulls, and variations.  Must have an independent roundoff handspring tuck to begin this class.

The following classes will be added at a later time:

Strength & Conditioning: Work to build your core strength, stamina, and overall physical ability. This class will help you improve tumbling, stunting and jumping skills.  

Tucks Class: focus on standing tucks, backhandspring tucks, and variations. Must have independent multiple backhandsprings to attend.

Jump Class: Increase your jump height, form, and difficulty. Learn new drills, jump combinations, and more. Class includes individual critique of jumps.

Flexibility class– increase flexibility to help strengthen and improve your jumps, tumbling, body positions, and more.

Ninja Kids! Ages 5-10! Obstacle courses to build strength & agility! Ninja style rolls, flips, kicks! Gymnastics tumbling for total body coordination!

Tumbling tots: Ages 3-5, work on motor skills, balance, coordination, and development of skills leading up to basic tumbling.

Parents night out– open gym for ages 6 & up. Let us supervise your kids while you enjoy a night out!