Prep All Star Teams

Is your child new to All Star or looking to do All Star Cheer along with other activities?  Our All Star Prep teams are the perfect fit!  The teams receive the same great instruction as our Elite teams, they just practice and compete a little less, so you can give competitive cheer a try!

Prep Teams for the 2018-2019 season: (Placements begin May 14, 2018)

Tiny for ages 5-6: practices 1x week for 1.5 hours

Mini for ages 5-8: practices 1x week for 1.5 hours

Youth/Junior for ages 5-11/14: practices 1x week, 2 hours each

Senior (High School friendly) for ages: 10-17: practices 1x week for 2hours (New this year – a backhandspring is the highest tumbling skill allowed in this division) This team will not compete during football season or January/February/early March, so our athletes can participate in both all stars and high school cheer.

Our teams practice Monday-Thursday evenings during the summer and then Sundays only after Labor Day.  Some camps or choreography may involve a weekend during the summer. Female and Male athletes are welcome.  Your child’s age as of 8/31/18, will determine the division they are eligible for. These teams will be local/limited travel.  They will compete in the Syracuse/Rochester/Buffalo/Albany area, as well as possibly one or two in a bordering state.  Their competitions will be one day events, either on a Saturday or a Sunday. Additional details coming soon!